MK4 Golf / Jetta 1.8T Cast Aluminum Coolant Flange Kit

MK4 Golf / Jetta 1.8T Cast Aluminum Coolant Flange Kit

The OEM style cast aluminum coolant flange kit has hit the market and we are now accepting orders. Kits should be ready for delivery by the end of this upcoming week.  Replace your failure prone OEM plastic flanges with these lifetime cast aluminum units! Two years ago, INA and EAA were first to market with the AN racing style flanges (which we still offer for race cars running AN lines). A lot of people requested OEM replica cast flanges at that time. After a full year of development, we’ve delivered again with the first complete MK4 1.8T aluminum flange kit. 

Limited quantities!

The kit includes the four coolant flanges listed below. These are exact replicas of the OEM plastic units and work with your stock hoses. Gaskets and o-rings are included. Complete the package with a fresh coolant temp sensor and/or thermostat.

(1) Cylinder head coolant flange – 06A121132AP 

(1) Thermostat housing – 06A121121C

(1) Upper radiator hose 4 way distribution pipe – 1J0121087C

(1) Turbocharger coolant return split fitting – 1J0121087E

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