Who we are

Based in the heart of the automotive world (Detroit, MI) since 2010, we are a small family owned company, specializing in the design, manufacture & distribution of high performance aftermarket and racing parts for VW ancillary systems.

What is an "ancillary system"

Anything that acts as a ‘parasite’ to the engine which reduces the amount of power delivered to the crank, and is driven by a serpentine belt is part of an engine ancillary system.  We specialize in unique solutions that allow enthusiasts to delete the power steering, A/C, and even mechanically driven water pumps, in order to simplify their setups, maximize power/torque, and improve the driving experience.

What are some of our most popular products?

Power steering delete kits.  These install on your OEM power steering rack and convert it to a manual mode of operation.  Full (true) manual steering kits.  We’ve gone to great lengths to source the parts necessary to put together 100% complete conversion kits, including OEM hardware.  Serpentine belt /alternator conversions.  The ABF kits allow for a much more reliable belt setup, and mounts low for those wanting the clearance for individual throttle body injection systems.  CNC billet pulleys.  Not much to say about these.  Our designs are simplistic with a focus on durability and performance.  Want to replace that plastic tensioner pulley that keeps breaking?  You’ve come to the right place, click on friend.

Customer service philosophy

Owner/operator of EAA Engineering has worked in the automotive industry as a professional mechanical/automotive engineer for 15 years and has learned: the customer always comes first.  Everything else follows this one guiding rule.  Good communication and respect are a couple of our top priorities.