Payment, Shipping & Return Policies

Our new website is very easy to navigate and order from.  The ‘shipped’ pricing structure on our website applies to domestic shipments, with the option for most products to specifically choose Canadian or U.K. shipping. Most international customers can expect to add approximately $10-30 to their order for the additional cost associated with shipping, depending on weight.  If you are outside of North America, and the shipping option is not present, please contact us for a shipping quote, and we work with you to issue an order invoice.  Your international order will be held up if you check out according to the free pricing structure, which is intended for USA lower 48 state shipping ONLY.

Due to the nature of our products and us being a small company, we only accept returns under extraordinary conditions with a 15% return fee.  Please make sure you want the product before ordering it from us!  Should you decide to not need it for whatever reason, Vortex classifieds is a good place to resell.

Thank you for your business!